Cosmo (n.) - forming together, a system of thought 

That's what we think collaboration is; creative minds coming together or forming together to create a cohesive system of thought and then turning that thought into something tangible and visual and putting it out into the world. 

 We are an independent creative agency specializing in visual content production. Based in Los Angeles, we are available to clients world wide for digital media creation and visual branding projects that are out of this world.

The Cosmo Collective was formed out of a passion for collaboration and creativity. We are story tellers - always up for the next great adventure. We reach only for the highest goals and we settle for nothing less. We are a team of artists, creative directors, and dreamers ready to brand your business.

Our mission is simple - help you shine!

Through a collaboration of creative direction, styling + modeling, photo + video, we tell your story and transform your visual identity into a unique and engaging customer experience. We break down the barriers created by social media squares and help your audience feel at home. We understand your value and we want to visually share it with the world. 

So lets collaborate, lets create, and lets make your business brighter than ever before!



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