The cosmo collective

Cosmo (n.) - forming together, a system of thought 

That's what we think collaboration is; creative minds coming together or forming together to create a cohesive system of thought and then turning that thought into something tangible and visual and putting it out into the world. 

The Cosmo Collective is a team of creatives that collaborate and work together to make unique, stunning, creative visual content for brands across their many social media platforms.

Out one evening in Los Angeles, a friend of a friend recognized Cosmo founder Taylor Krause and jokingly called her by her instagram handle, though messing up the words a bit and confusing "Taylor Krause Creative" with "Taylor Krause Collective". The word collective stuck with Taylor throughout the night and the many months to come.

She was becoming bored of her daily routine as a photographer, and although she loved her content and her clients, she wanted to do something on a much bigger scale. As a bunch of 20-somethings, her and her many talented friends were all scrambling to find their place in the cut-throat creative industries they loved. With the many pressures of adulthood creeping closer, Krause decided "If we're all going to struggle to make it, let's at least have fun together while we do it!" and thus, The Cosmo Collective was born!

Their vision was simple, yet so unique. Create rockstar, high quality, captivating content that THEY would definitely double-tap on instagram. Confident in their ability to like a good photo and lust after aesthetically pleasing instagram accounts, they began collaborating on mood boards and co-directing photoshoots to tell a brand's story, not just grab some high-res pics of a product. 

Officially launched on February 12nd, 2018, The Cosmo Collective is still growing, always adding new team members who share this same creative vision and always looking for the next story to create. 


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