5 Habits of A #Girlboss

The Cosmo Collective was my very first endeavor into #girlboss territory. In the past, I never had employees reporting to me, deadlines relying on me, and a company that only stays afloat if I stay on my game. The first couple months leading up to our launch, and a few weeks after, I’m positive I was just a chicken running around with it’s head cut off (aka…a hot mess) but as time has gone on and the company has grown, I’ve learned a few things about handling stress, handling myself, and handling a company that has taken off faster than I could have ever expected. 

There is far more to being a #girlboss than meets the eye. Sure, skipping around saying you’re the CEO is fun, but it’s much less exciting if you have nothing to show for the shiny new title. Staying on your A-game is a full time job and sometimes includes the short end of the stick (hello 8am wake-up calls and midnight re-edits). These 5 #girlboss habits focus on bettering your mental, emotional, and physical health so that no matter what you’re taking on that day, you can #girlboss it up from sunrise to sunset. And remember, you don’t have to own a company the be the #girlboss of your life. Whether its a classroom, a boardroom, or your apartment living room, these habits will make any day in your #girlboss life a successful one!


Habit #1 - Dream Big but Start Small

To accomplish something, you have to first have a goal in mind. When I started The Cosmo Collective I wrote down goals for the week, the month, the year, and both 5 and 10 years down the line. This type of goal setting gives me the bigger picture and reminds me of what is to come and what we could be doing if we accomplish the smaller goals right now. It shows me what I’m working for and why it’s worth it. Absolutely no goal is ever too big if you’re able to recognize all the smaller goals that’ll have to be accomplished first. The small stuff, the tedious tasks, the daily grind…it all adds up into something immeasurable in comparison. Every little check mark on the to-do list for the day or week is also one check mark closer to your ultimate dream. 

Habit #2 - Get Some Actual Real, Quality Sleep

I can not stress enough how important sleeping is. Put it in your planner every single day if you have to. Promise yourself 8 hours of real deal, high quality, in your comfy bed, actual dream worthy sleep every single night and your body will promise you a productive, organized, prioritized, focused brain. Everyone is happier after a good nights sleep and no matter if you’re reporting to professors or employees are reporting to you, everyone will like you more if you’re body is well rested. You can’t focus on anything if all you’re worried about is keeping your eyes open.

Habit #3 - Make The Most of Mornings

Mornings and me didn’t get a long for a very long time. Once The Cosmo Collective was really rolling, I started having to book calls with east coast companies and since they’re 3 hours ahead, a totally normal 11am call for them would be a totally half-asleep 8am call for me. Once I was forcing myself to get up at 7am regularly though, I realized how much better I felt finishing over half my to-do list before noon every day. Mornings are so wonderful. The first step to a really successful morning is getting enough sleep the night before (see above) but after that, use these extra hours to your advantage. Do you like some ‘me time’ in the morning? Read a book or journal or do a face mask while you wake up. Do you always want to work out but never have the time? Take a walk, do some yoga, find a hike nearby. Mornings don’t have to be dedicated to work every day, they just have to be dedicated to success every day. Some mornings I wake up and start calls and emails and some I wake up and work out and some I wake up and just lay in bed. Make the most of these extra hours in any way that benefits you and your goals for the day.

Habit #4 - Write Down Everything

The notes app on my phone is probably the most used app over instagram, email, calendar, and even texting. I write down literally every single thought I have. As a #girlboss, your mind is running 100 miles a minute and often times someone tells me something (or my brain reminds me of something) and it’s in one ear and out the other. I’ve started writing down everything in my phone. To-do lists for both work life and personal life, food I just ran out of and need to get at the grocery store, outfit ideas for a shoot we have in 3 weeks, song lyrics that would make a great instagram caption, a company I saw while shopping with I want to remember to reach out to…these are all fleeting thoughts I have that would disappear into the bottomless pit of my brain if I didn’t write them down right away. How often have you been so mad because you thought of the next million dollar idea while sitting in traffic but now that you’re home you can’t remember what it was? Don’t let yourself forget all these awesome things floating in your head. 

Habit #5 - Dress for Success

People always say to me “It’s so cool that you work from home and get to wear your pajamas all day” and I always nod and laugh and maybe internally roll my eyes a little. I think that if you want to be a #girlboss you’ve got to dress the part. That means waking up, getting dressed, and pulling yourself together for a successful day. Even a fresh face with some jeans and a t-shirt is better than some sleep shorts and last nights makeup. I always have a better day when I get into an outfit I feel confident, powerful, and pretty in. I’m lucky that my job doesn’t require a dress code, and yes sometimes I wear workout clothes to photoshoots, but when I’m on the phone with brands or sending call sheets to models from my laptop, I hope they know that I am taking this just as seriously as they are, and that starts by taking off the sweat pants (but not before 10am if I don’t have to).