Friday Favorites

Some favorites I’m loving this week…


Thai Food

For those living on the Westside of LA – I am loving all of the new restaurants opening ALL THE TIME! Little known fact…my dream in life is to open my own restaurant/bar and I am a huge foodie. 

Rize – Thai & Sushi

This is my new favorite Thai place at the moment AND they also serve sushi – win! It a really cute place on Lincoln Blvd that is super unassuming looking from the outside, but it’s literally the cutest place! Strung lights all over, high top tables, and an extensive cocktail menu! I highly recommend getting any of the curry options and the pad Thai with prawns – so bomb. 

Night + Market

It is a new restaurant that recently opened on the west side that is super slammed all the time. It’s a small, funky restaurant that was opened by a famous chef and it was on the Netflix show Ugly Delicious – I am going to try to hit it on a weeknight and hopefully get to try it! 

Side note: another favorite of mine – Ugly Delicious – for sure the best food show I’ve ever watched. World-renowned chef David Chang tackles all different types of food and gives some background into the politics behind certain cuisines… super interesting! 



As for music, I am always all over the place. My most frequented playlist on spotify is my 300+ song playlist of classic rock, but other than that my music taste is all over the place! I love classic rock from the 60s/70s, disco, indie-rock, rock, rap…really anything! 

But as for right now here are two of my favorites: 

Greta Van Fleet

If you haven’t listened to their debut album – stop everything and listen to it right now. For being a huge classic rock fan this group is giving me all the feels. They are very Led Zeppelin-esque, which is amazing. Huge Led Zeppelin fan!  I’m obsessed with their sound, their look, and everything about them. 

Kacey Musgraves

I would say that modern day country-pop music is the only genre I am not a fan of, but Kacey Musgraves completely defies everything about that country music you hear on the radio. Her new album is beautiful, soulful, and so so catchy. I’m a huge fan of hers – I’ve seen her in concert a few times, but this is my favorite album of hers so far! She really produced the dreamiest sound on this record. Side note: sounds even better on vinyl! 



Crop Tops

Anyone else feel like crop tops are having another comeback? I mean, they’re always in come this time of year, but brands are making fully dedicated sections to them on their website and I am here for it! My go-to outfit currently is anything high waisted, an awesome belt, and a crop top… not revolutionary, I know, but seriously take a look at some of your favorite brands and see what kind of cute crops they’re putting out because I have found some super cute ones lately! 


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