5 Habits for a Healthier Morning Routine

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1. Don’t Go Straight on Your Phone 

I know personally it can be so hard to not reach straight for your phone the second you wake up! But staying unplugged and away from all the craziness on your phone for as long as you can in the morning will help you start your morning with a morning with a more clear and focused mind. 

2. Drink a Glass of Water

The second I wake up the first thing on my mind is coffee ( I'm a little addicted yes I know). But I always make sure to down a glass of water first, even better if you add a little lemon!! This will help you wake up without the caffeine first and also jumpstart your metabolism for the day. 

3. Write a To Do list 

I don't know about you guys but I personally am a BIG planner. I love writing lists and keeping my life organized. When I do this in the morning, I always feel more at peace and organized. It also helps me get my goals and intentions for the most productive day possible! 

4. Give yourself time to Relax 

My best mornings are always the ones where I don't feel rush. Whether this means waking up a little bit earlier or knowing exactly how much time you need to get ready before you start your day, its always the best to allow yourself a little me time to do whatever you'd like before you start your busy day. 

5. Make Yourself a Healthy Breakfast 

I know everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it truly is. Its so easy to just make yourself a coffee and forget to actually eat something but I always feel the most prepared and energized after I have a healthy breakfast. Overnight oats are a really good option if your in a rush or even just some fruit, make sure to fuel your body so you can make the most out of your day!